Dr. Gross incorporates computerized technology to assist him in determining a precise eyeglass prescription.  His comprehensive examinations include tests for glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration, dry eyes, itchy eyes, as well as  effects from high blood pressure and diabetes.  A dilated examination allows us to provide the best assessment of eye health. 

Maintain healthy eyes with comprehensive examinations and care. 

Eye Examinations


We have a large inventory of the newest and most comfortable disposable contact lenses available.  All contact lens fittings include one month of follow-up visits if needed.  If you don't love your contacts, Dr. Gross wants to know. We match 1-800Contacts prices and we take most insurances.

Additional Services

Motor vehicle exams done here

We match 1-800-CONTACTS pricing

We accept walk-in emergency visits.



Why come here instead of just ordering a pair of glasses from Warby Parker?

We offer the most advanced innovative optical solutions that provide our patients with the best possible vision and ensure retinal eye health. All day long, you look at the infinity screen of a Samsung Galaxy, you work on a laptop with an Apple Retina 4K monitor or you watch Netflix on a 4-K Ultra HD TV… so why are you looking at the world through value-based eyeglasses and contact lenses with 1990s optical technology? Especially when we can offer you the BEST vision possible with the latest, most innovative optical products?


Allow us to show you the difference?