Greetings from Chelsea Vision Associates!


My name is Dr. David Gross. I'm an optometrist and have practiced at my clinic here since 1999. 


I truly believe that healthy eyes lead to productive and meaningful lives. In my experience, I I've seen too many times where early detection could have prevented eye disease and blindness. Young or old, your vision is the window to the world, and it will determine how you see the world. My goal therefore is to provide complete and lifelong vision care to my patients.

Dr. David Gross, Optometrist.

Did you know that 1 in 4 kids have vision problems?

It is estimated that nearly 25% of school-age children develop vision problems. By beginning regular testing early we can catch any visual problems and respond


Got Dry Eyes?

If you have dry eye syndrome, your eyes may not produce enough tears or you aren’t able to maintain a normal layer of tears to coat your eyes. As a result, your eyes cannot eliminate dust and other irritants. This can lead to the following symptoms in your eyes: Eyestrain, Stinging, Burning, Redness, or Excessive Tearing.

Dr. Gross fits all the newest and most comfortable types of disposable contacts including daily, monthly, astigmatic, multifocal, and colored contacts.


Tired of your Contacts?