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Screen time without the eye damage

Screen time can put stress on your eyes. Digital Eye Strain or Computer Vision Syndrome is one of the fastest-growing issues today.

The solution? Computer glasses with a quality blue light filter.

Specifically designed to allow for more comfortable viewing angles, these glasses reduce eye strain and promote rest for your eyes. Patients report reduction of discomfort, soreness, fatigue, and blurriness after receiving prescription glasses. We call that a win!

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What are the dangers of Blue Light?

Current research suggests a strong link between exposure to blue light and Cataract incidences as well as Macular Degeneration.

How can we counter the negative effects of blue lights?

The best way to counter the negative effects of blue light is to use protective mechanisms to minimize your exposure.

This can include using night shift mode or flux mode on your digital device, as well as a quality blue light filter on your prescription glasses.

How do computer glasses differ from regular everyday glasses?

Computer glasses are designed for vision approximately 30 inches from the eyes and are optimized to reduce the strain and improve the focus of your eyes.

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Reduce digital eye strain with custom glasses and a digital prescription designed to support your virtual life.

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